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I was thinking about how things could be pulled off and we could suceed. I considered that most anarchists are willing to rebel but only up to a certain point. Like most activists, they would believe that would take away from the issues that they commonly espouse. I have no problems with activists, i have some issues that i want brought to the forefront (ecological action, a stop to government corruption, gay/lesbian/bisexual rights) however: i'm not so stupid to beleive that standing outside of a government building waving placards and chanting slogans will fully change anything. I'm a huge fan of decisive revolutionary action, meaning (to quote Malcolm X): By anymeans nessecary. If that means planting a pipe bomb in the senate building: So be it. If that means robbing banks to fund our revolution: So Be it. If that means defacing the constitution: so be it. If that means doing what our rebel compatriots in iraq are doing: then so be it. I have thought that people will villify us if we fail, however: we would truely fail if we never tried this at all. So if you are still willing to go through with this, no matter how exrreme the measures get the results then please say so. Because we need people who are willing to fight to the death to birth this new world order. So consider how far you are willing to go and comment.
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Yes, most of the activists have the right idea, going to Washington and to the streets to make a statement and to be heard with their banners and protests. This is the mildest form of resistance,and it is most often blocked out both by the general public and by the powerful they are trying to speak to. These people are often beaten by police, sent to jail, or harrassed for the rest of their lives. Any person who tries to make a statement, to make change, is often shut down in these ways, and is sometimes killed for trying to spread their message. Ignorance that brought about senseless hate and unnecessary death. Should we also become the bringers of hate by making pipe bombs and beheading people? I believe in revolution, but I also believe that death is an absolute last resort. This isn't about a thirst for bloodshed. If that were the case, we would be signing up to be enlisted in the army so we could go slaughter the innocent. Hate begets hate, and what I fear will happen is when the general public sees these acts of violence of ours, they will quickly run away in fear rather than come to us in admiration. We have to seek other means of spreading our knowledge and ideals to the world. Like I said before, it might not be easy, and it could be a long lasting process, but i'd rather leave out harm to innocent people rather than become just as guilty of bloodshed as Bush. Remember, i'm all about putting forth the effort, by any means necessary, but i'm sure when Malcom X said "By any means necessary" he wasn't thinking "lets go kill people." That wouldn't have helped his cause, that would have majorly hindered it. I'm not quite sure also about the statement "our Iraqi compatriots". If you are referring to those who behead people, then please understand that resistance and revolution are not about senseless acts of hate. Killing people doesn't solve anything. I hope that I am wrong in referrence though. Since both of us are fans of fight club, i'll use the tactics in that films as an example. The philosophy of the film is to save people from themselves and from becomming slaves to major corporations. The key was enlightenment, and in both fight club and project mayhem, the means to enlightenment was never murder. I'm merely expressing my point of view on this, and I am by no means telling you that one of us is either right or wrong. I'm just trying to show you that there are other ways to go about this.

I like your thought process, and I appreciate you sharing it here. I just hope that what you are seeking isn't just a means to cause bloodshed.

When it comes to organizing a "revolution" of sorts, it's important not to be driven soley by emotion (undoubtedly important though) but also by wisdom; to know what to do next, and by virtue; to do it. It's important for all members to be fully informed as to what our cause is, based on our distain of the current economic and socio-political structure. One can see for example, that our educational system is defective, and is not neccesarily interested in providing an unbiased, rich learning envoironment, but in conditioning a person to fit snuggly into the capitalist machine. Case in point, colleges: When the big companies come to recruit for their entry-level positions, they expect to find round pegs to fit their round holes. A quality college delivers the goods: students properly groomed, prepped, and packaged to fit the future employer's exact specifications. Customer service at its finest!
A bunch of independent-thinking, unpredictable, and poorly-packaged autodidacts from which to select employees, would be a corporate recruiter's worst nightmare.
It's going to take EVERYONE in order for a more just society to be a success.
It is true the general public might fear being uncomfortable; having to think beyond choosing "paper or plastic?" or "would you like fries with that?" It is even possible the majority may lack the psychological capacity to understand what we are fighting for, and are thus satisfied with their shallow and superficial experience of life, or rather hide from the truth if
it means being uncomfortable.
Finally, When the metal meets the meat, it is an unfortunate truth that those in power will not compromise their control without violence. This would be a legitimate way to opperate as an absolute last resort, chances are, it would come to that before any real change takes place. We might die in the process, but those that capitalize on our labor for the production of
their product are going to kill us anyways, if not slowly and subtly by first taking our youth, but untimately compromising our health.
The first step begins with the question, what EXACTELY do we want?
The main problem is not the few who have gained control, but the majority who have allowed them to continue controlling. If there was enough people who realized this, there would be no violence, because there would be no opposition. We wouldn't need guns, but simply a few hundred medium sized dog kennels and a few muzzles for the ex-power elite who would undoubtedly be barking away their orders and demanding this or that.
The only lead we'd see in this uprising would be from pencils nessicary to write "this isn't mcdonalds." on the copious amounts of sticky notes stuck nicely to the front of said ex-power elite dog kennels.
Cheney looks like a biter, might need an arm gaurd for him...