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My limits

When i wrote what i wrote because i wished to demonstrate just how far i'm willing to go. fact of the matter is, i don't want to see people killed. I would rather they be forced to see the reality of our situation rather then them be left oblivious to our plight. I referred to "our Iraqi compatriots" as such because they are against the same powerstructure that were against. If we can avoid the killing of people then that's what i'd ideally prefer. I merely thought i'd demonstrate how extreme i'm willing to take things if they have to go that far. I don't want to go that far personally but if i have to i'm willing to take it as far as i have to. I don't want to have to go that far willingly. I'm more willing to perpetrate some destruction of public property over beheading someone anyday of the week. But only if our hand is forced am i willing go that far. I just thought i'd clarify so that you don't go and think me to be some bloodthirsty extremist.
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