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disseminate and organize, essay and asking for advice

Please go easy on my typos if you see any glaring ones, and judge by content if you read this, I think it’s pressing we start organizing … now. Also, I am no Frankfurt School of Post-Marxist theory, this was just a normal common sense, rallying and instigating paper; I have no need for Marxist critical theory and unless it aids the revolution or a heightening of the mass support of the proletarian utopia: fuck it. I haven't had the time to edit any of the nine pages (nine!) in this political statement, but as such it lists all my current criticisms of contemporary capitalism and my own formulation of revolutionary struggle and opposition to it, as well as an alternative council system as opposed to a class ruling capitalism and parliament democracy. I'm tired and my head hurts, and these words flowed ever since I woke up at around 1 PM. We need to start making a massive anarcho-communist political mass movement. Disseminate as much as you possibly can and edit my shit and read it (that's always important), please edit, I'm tired as all holy fuck. Help.
DOES ANYONE IN JERSEY WANT TO NETWORK, ANY ANARCHO-COMMIES IN JERSEY? and does anyone have any good links to some sort of printable anarcho-commie, syndicalist flyers or posters?

If you're a cadre familiar already with various anarchist theories and criticisms of capitalism go down to the part listed as "Opposition to Capitalism" for the real meat and what to do with ourselves over the methods of action issue, etc., etc., etc.. And if you’re in New Jersey, I’m willing to help out in any way I can to oppose the current system and organize a movement against it.

( Addressed to Various Internet Radicals and Comrades )

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