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Resist or Perish

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

4:06PM - Sadness

It's been awhile since anyone's posted anything here.  It appears that we've all lost the drive....have we all failed?  Are we knee-deep in the system, prying to get out?  Or have we simply...given in?

Given the "re-election" of Dictator Bush, the fundamentalists are winning the war....the war at home.  Their dogmatic propaganda is spewed all over the TV, the movies, the radio.....Ashlee Simpson is popular, and she's a lip-syncing phony linedancer.  Cell phones are the direct link to God, sponsored by (and I can't believe they've allowed this) The Ramones.  McDonald's is claiming the lives of the youth at home, and people defending their homeland are claiming the youth abroad.  There's a very clear victory here, and the creative people are losing. 

For those who know, for those who care, http://www.bushflash.com/

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

12:34PM - Personal Rage

I no longer care about society as a whole. Individuals maybe are worth my time. But the rest of them can just do me a favour and place a 45 caliber pistol in their collective mouths and pull the trigger. They all lack that quality of individualism and will do anything just to consume shit. Not to be different or to make their mark on society to change it positively, but to simply consume and exist as the same shell that they existed as since the day they were born. I mean think about it: society is a sinking ship, a decomposing corpse, and everyone who tries to change it or to get off of it before it's too late the whole resists it. But when everything goes to shit and there are only individuals left, shit should get better.

Sunday, August 8, 2004

4:10PM - hey guys

well guys, this place seems to have died out. I am going to be leaving, so I am gving you all maintainer status. Do with the community what you will. Its been a pleasure meeting each of you and hearing your ideas. Keep up the good work out in the real world, and never stop in the fight to resist!


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

11:26PM - disseminate and organize, essay and asking for advice

Please go easy on my typos if you see any glaring ones, and judge by content if you read this, I think it’s pressing we start organizing … now. Also, I am no Frankfurt School of Post-Marxist theory, this was just a normal common sense, rallying and instigating paper; I have no need for Marxist critical theory and unless it aids the revolution or a heightening of the mass support of the proletarian utopia: fuck it. I haven't had the time to edit any of the nine pages (nine!) in this political statement, but as such it lists all my current criticisms of contemporary capitalism and my own formulation of revolutionary struggle and opposition to it, as well as an alternative council system as opposed to a class ruling capitalism and parliament democracy. I'm tired and my head hurts, and these words flowed ever since I woke up at around 1 PM. We need to start making a massive anarcho-communist political mass movement. Disseminate as much as you possibly can and edit my shit and read it (that's always important), please edit, I'm tired as all holy fuck. Help.
DOES ANYONE IN JERSEY WANT TO NETWORK, ANY ANARCHO-COMMIES IN JERSEY? and does anyone have any good links to some sort of printable anarcho-commie, syndicalist flyers or posters?

If you're a cadre familiar already with various anarchist theories and criticisms of capitalism go down to the part listed as "Opposition to Capitalism" for the real meat and what to do with ourselves over the methods of action issue, etc., etc., etc.. And if you’re in New Jersey, I’m willing to help out in any way I can to oppose the current system and organize a movement against it.

( Addressed to Various Internet Radicals and Comrades )

x-posted all over the fucking planet of the apes

Sunday, July 11, 2004

11:37AM - Sorry

Sorry everyone for the last post. I just needed opinions on what the fuck was going on with me. Again, i'm sorry about the last post. shit like that will never be posted on here again. the main topic will be stuck to and all will be made righteous and good.
Jason =*_^=

Current mood: sick

9:49AM - Jason

This will be your one warning. If I see anything like the last post I just deleted, you will be removed. We are here to have an educated discussion, not to get involved in your personal life. That is why you have your own journal. We are not here to be your flunkies for harrassing your girlfriend or whatever the fuck she is. We do not care what is going on in your personal life, I can't say that enough. So, in other words, if you post anything like your last post again, you will be removed. I hope we understand each other.

My apologies for sounding harsh, but this bull shit is an insult to me and to the other members of this community.

Thanks in advance,

Thursday, July 8, 2004

10:38PM - have you heard?

Have you heard about this asshole going around New York trying to fin Michael moore for his docucrapery entitled "Michael Moore hates america" or something stupid like that. Jesus, I wonder if some people are born with plastic chew toys in their heads when I see shit like this. "Michael Moore hates America" blah blah blah. Who fucking cares how Michael Moore feels about america. The point is, unlike the rest of the cattle willing to go to the slaughter for our great dictator bush, he is standing up for all of us by using his power to go against the governemnt, and to expose them for the shallow greedy callous bastards they are. So, dumb fuck trying to play Michael Moore and not at all succeeding, you are a fuck ass and you are a huge part of the ignorance that spreads like a plague. Who's got the medication, cause i'm ready to vacinate. Sorry, sometimes conservatives just wear down on my patience, the very small threads that are left of it anyway. What are your thought on this thing?

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

8:08PM - My limits

When i wrote what i wrote because i wished to demonstrate just how far i'm willing to go. fact of the matter is, i don't want to see people killed. I would rather they be forced to see the reality of our situation rather then them be left oblivious to our plight. I referred to "our Iraqi compatriots" as such because they are against the same powerstructure that were against. If we can avoid the killing of people then that's what i'd ideally prefer. I merely thought i'd demonstrate how extreme i'm willing to take things if they have to go that far. I don't want to go that far personally but if i have to i'm willing to take it as far as i have to. I don't want to have to go that far willingly. I'm more willing to perpetrate some destruction of public property over beheading someone anyday of the week. But only if our hand is forced am i willing go that far. I just thought i'd clarify so that you don't go and think me to be some bloodthirsty extremist.

10:57AM - Revolution

I was thinking about how things could be pulled off and we could suceed. I considered that most anarchists are willing to rebel but only up to a certain point. Like most activists, they would believe that would take away from the issues that they commonly espouse. I have no problems with activists, i have some issues that i want brought to the forefront (ecological action, a stop to government corruption, gay/lesbian/bisexual rights) however: i'm not so stupid to beleive that standing outside of a government building waving placards and chanting slogans will fully change anything. I'm a huge fan of decisive revolutionary action, meaning (to quote Malcolm X): By anymeans nessecary. If that means planting a pipe bomb in the senate building: So be it. If that means robbing banks to fund our revolution: So Be it. If that means defacing the constitution: so be it. If that means doing what our rebel compatriots in iraq are doing: then so be it. I have thought that people will villify us if we fail, however: we would truely fail if we never tried this at all. So if you are still willing to go through with this, no matter how exrreme the measures get the results then please say so. Because we need people who are willing to fight to the death to birth this new world order. So consider how far you are willing to go and comment.
Jason =*_^=

Current mood: crazy

Monday, July 5, 2004

2:18PM - Change

People who fear change are the people who have something to lose by the proposed change. Take back in the days of slavery by way of example: the Quakers proposed that slavery should end and that the blacks should be freed. The slave owners feared it and opposed it because they were going to lose their source of income and labour, they had to be dragged kicking and screaming into that change. That's what i think needs to happen. Those who oppose our change for society will be dragged kicking and screaming into the future, and they will thank us once they see what a utopia we have created. They will fear it and oppose it for a hundred years or so but in the end they will thank us for freeing them from their pathetic little lives.
Jason =*_^=

Current mood: creative


If intylerwetrust are interested in anarchy and the overall message of Fight Club, then why are they forcing us to censor what we say regarding anarchy and the overall message of Fight Club? Wouldn't they be glad that people are interested in taking it to the next level and actually acting on it, instead they seem to be afraid of taking it to the next level. I mean some people are interested in my idea of a revolution and have said so (self_salvation for example), but the rest of them treat it as a joke or say that it couldn't work. Shouldn't they be proud that Fight Club has bred such revolutionaries and visionaries?
Jason =*_^=

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9:45AM - This is the challenge that we face


the ignorance is vomit inducing. We must find a way to reverse the brainwashing so that we may help these poor idiots to see the truth.

Bush is a bad thing, Kerry is a bad thing. There is no right side here. Both of them will find some way to corrupt the nation and its people so that they may do their bidding.

Lets see what we can do to help these people see the bigger picture!

8:57AM - hello and welcome!

Hello Jason! Glad to see you got my e mail. Hope you don't mind my doing that. It just seemed that what you were saying is a lot along the same lines of my thoughts and ideals. I would have just posted to you in In tyler we trust, but i've become a blacksheep in that community and am no longer allowed to post there. Have to watch what you say in that place. Glad to see you wanted to join. I am eager to hear your thoughts and see your ideas!

Andria: )

Friday, July 2, 2004

7:45PM - open your minds to the new possibilities


Tuesday, June 29, 2004

5:31PM - Someone beats me to the punch

Well, I am happy to say that before I could create my own gathering, someone beat me to the punch. I will be receiving a pamphlet to inform me where meetings will take place and what will be involved in these meetings. I cannot say who gave me the info, nor will I be able to post on here where the location will be, as I do not yet know what these meetings will pertain to. The lone gunmen would be so proud right now!

If you are interested in these meetings or getting info from them to create your own, please leave a post and I will make sure to contact you most likely by email.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Monday, June 28, 2004

9:13AM - hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to resist or perish. If you are here, then you are like me, tired of the way our government has gone down the tubes ever since George Bush has been in office. You feel that it is time for change, and that the only change that will make any difference whatsoever is a revolution. One that will bring about a new form of government, decided upon by the people, where greedy homophobic old pricks won't be allowed to tell us what to do and send us off to the slaughter. Please feel free to bring your ideas here. I am trying to start a gathering in my Plymouth Michigan location. If you live in Michigan near the Plymouth area, leave a comment and I will let you know when and where the meetings will begin. If you don't live in Michigan, we will all try to pool our ideas together so that you may start your own gathering. Remember, no one person is too small to make a change. I may only be 22, and I may not know everything there is to know, but I know i'm ready to make a stand, no matter what the cost may be. Who will join me?