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I was thinking about how things could be pulled off and we could suceed. I considered that most anarchists are willing to rebel but only up to a certain point. Like most activists, they would believe that would take away from the issues that they commonly espouse. I have no problems with activists, i have some issues that i want brought to the forefront (ecological action, a stop to government corruption, gay/lesbian/bisexual rights) however: i'm not so stupid to beleive that standing outside of a government building waving placards and chanting slogans will fully change anything. I'm a huge fan of decisive revolutionary action, meaning (to quote Malcolm X): By anymeans nessecary. If that means planting a pipe bomb in the senate building: So be it. If that means robbing banks to fund our revolution: So Be it. If that means defacing the constitution: so be it. If that means doing what our rebel compatriots in iraq are doing: then so be it. I have thought that people will villify us if we fail, however: we would truely fail if we never tried this at all. So if you are still willing to go through with this, no matter how exrreme the measures get the results then please say so. Because we need people who are willing to fight to the death to birth this new world order. So consider how far you are willing to go and comment.
Jason =*_^=
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