Andria (deathwish949) wrote in resistorperish,

have you heard?

Have you heard about this asshole going around New York trying to fin Michael moore for his docucrapery entitled "Michael Moore hates america" or something stupid like that. Jesus, I wonder if some people are born with plastic chew toys in their heads when I see shit like this. "Michael Moore hates America" blah blah blah. Who fucking cares how Michael Moore feels about america. The point is, unlike the rest of the cattle willing to go to the slaughter for our great dictator bush, he is standing up for all of us by using his power to go against the governemnt, and to expose them for the shallow greedy callous bastards they are. So, dumb fuck trying to play Michael Moore and not at all succeeding, you are a fuck ass and you are a huge part of the ignorance that spreads like a plague. Who's got the medication, cause i'm ready to vacinate. Sorry, sometimes conservatives just wear down on my patience, the very small threads that are left of it anyway. What are your thought on this thing?
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