Jonathan (self_salvation) wrote in resistorperish,


It's been awhile since anyone's posted anything here.  It appears that we've all lost the drive....have we all failed?  Are we knee-deep in the system, prying to get out?  Or have we simply...given in?

Given the "re-election" of Dictator Bush, the fundamentalists are winning the war....the war at home.  Their dogmatic propaganda is spewed all over the TV, the movies, the radio.....Ashlee Simpson is popular, and she's a lip-syncing phony linedancer.  Cell phones are the direct link to God, sponsored by (and I can't believe they've allowed this) The Ramones.  McDonald's is claiming the lives of the youth at home, and people defending their homeland are claiming the youth abroad.  There's a very clear victory here, and the creative people are losing. 

For those who know, for those who care,

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